i am a joiner. i love joining. it's just fun. it feels good. in fact, just talking about it right now i want to scream, "c'mon everybody, isn't joining great?! let's all make a club about how great joining is!" that's because i am an adult woman who is always trying to start clubs... hot tub club, girl talk club, taylor swift fan club club, under the dome club, books written exclusively by celebrities book club, pasta every monday night club, sock hop sunday club. anytime a group of people can rally together around a common cause i get pretty stoked. (heads up, because of this, i fear i could be easily persuaded to join a cult. go ahead and strongly encourage me to avoid all contact with cults.) so, as you can imagine, i am pretty excited about how on-board everyone is with the seahawks this year. i have friends who have never watched the hawks before wanting to tailgate on sundays, host chili cook-offs while the we score touchdowns, and watch kickoff while enjoying pink champagne and football oreos in the hot tub. as someone who loves joining, i say the more the merrier. i hope you'll join.

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  1. ooo, totally want to join! I'm ALL about clubs too!!!