It is the first official day of Spring and I'm curled up on the couch sipping mint tea as the rain falls outside. The Seattle gray is settling in for a what is predicted to be weeks and I am dreaming of sunnier days. It was exactly a month ago that Dashel and I escaped to the desert for our last trip as a family of two. On our second night there, we drove to Joshua Tree just before the sun dipped behind the rocks. As we ran through the sand exploring, we found ourselves tangled in cacti, laughing about our impending death by scorpion bite. It seemed like the perfect location to quickly take some maternity pictures* and we grabbed a camera to snap as many as we could before the night set in. I am so grateful we took that time together and so grateful we will have these pictures to remember that magical evening in the desert.

*I apologize in advance if you were hoping for some naked pictures of me wrapped in a gauzy sheet while Dashel kissed my stomach.


  1. These are gorgeous! I'll be waiting for the nude shots aftet you get the henna tattoo on your belly 😉