these books are on shelf in my classroom and no one ever reads them. i have been teaching for eight years and not one student has ever picked up a babysitters club book, much less devoured the entire series like i did when i was nine. i wanted to be stacy. she was oh so brave and knew so much about boys and music. i decided to bring home boy crazy stacy and now, as i read it, instead of thinking stacy should go for it with the older boy, i find myself worried that she is going to get herself into trouble. i want to yell, "stacy! that stupid scott is going to break your little heart. he's such a douche bag. sure, he's a lifeguard and that seems really rad, but i promise he'll still be managing an applebees in ten years and that is not something you want to get all tangled up in. don't waste your time." i think she should go learn to paint or start playing the oboe or learn mandarin. i guess that's why i'll never be stacy.

which babysitter did you want to be?


  1. Douche bag makes me laugh all the time, but the Applebee's manager cooment put me over the top. I probably won't read the books anytime soon, though.

  2. Do you have any of the new(ish) BSC graphic novels? They read those and it's the same stories! :)