on the eleventh day of the instagram challenge, i was suppose to take a picture of where i dream at night. i was oh so excited about this one because i love our bedroom. as you may know, my sweetie and i just bought our very first house. jordan grew up doing drywall and so on the first tour of our new home he said that all the walls would have to be skim coated when we moved in. i was busy falling deeply in love with a window seat and planning s'more making parties for a fireplace and covertly testing out the hardwood floors for dancing, so at the time i just nodded and said, "yes, definitely skim coating, uh huh."

well, it turns out that skim coating makes a mess and i don't mean a manageable mess. i mean dust that is somehow unable to be vacuumed or swept up in every crevice of your house. dust that follows you to work on your favorite frye boots and sneaks into the lid of your coffee cup and makes a home on the nose of your black pup. about a week after we moved in jordan started skim coating the bedroom and i immediately turned into the worst version of myself. i said things like, "why can't we just paint... i hate skim coating... when will this be done?" i know, i know, terrible wife behavior. in the middle of this project i had to leave town for a work conference. usually when i leave i choose to imagine jordan sitting on the couch surrounded by ice cream containers and frozen pizzas, a pup under each arm, weeping because he misses me so much. however, on this particular occasion i was unable to conjure up that image. instead i envisioned him dancing around in his underpants like tom cruise in risky business, glad to get me out of his hair because i was being oh so delightful about the skim-coating.

five days later i returned. i had forgotten almost forgotten about the skim coating and was just glad to be home. after five nights in a hotel, sleeping in a city a time-zone away, i didn't care about returning to the mess. i was just excited to hug my sweetie and pet my pups and look at my house and think, "i bought that. i'm a grown-up." in the back of my mind i knew that the house would probably still be filled with white dust, but i didn't care anymore. i was just glad to be home.

but when i walked in the front door i was greeted by two jumping pups and no dust. jordan walked me back to our bedroom and in an instant i knew why he had insisted on doing all that stupid skim coating. our walls looked like white porcelain, like fondant from a wedding cake, like snow. a room that had looked a little more tired than vintage had come to life.

now our bedroom is my favorite room in our house. i'm so lucky that i have my sweet husband to teach me that its okay for life to be a little messy sometimes.

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