i have attempted to start this post so many times in so many ways but, the thing is, there are virtually no words to express what my friends have meant to me over the last few months. on that first night, when i couldn't even drag myself off the couch, i looked up and my home was filled to the brim with hugs and warm cups of tea and i knew that i was loved and supported in a way that took my breath away. then there were the late giggly nights spent solving hot tub problems in sparkel springs, spaghetti dinners that turned into last minute karaoke parties, a sock hop where we danced and twisted and mash potato-ed into the wee hours of the night, and a mailbox full of the sweetest words.

it seems to me that this love and support should be coming to an end soon. i'm not so sad. i'm okay. i'm doing it. but the support just keeps coming. there are friends who wake up early and run to my house to make me waffles, roommates who dance to taylor swift while we drink cup after cup of coffee, old friends who appear with an email or message of support at just the perfect time, far away friends who send bright pink tulips and gift cards (buying glittery anything solves almost any problem), colleagues who fill my fridge with homemade granola bars and smoothies.

i truly don't know what i would have done would do without all of you and as i type this tears fall. i am totally, completely, utterly, fully overwhelmed by how lucky i am to be surrounded by your love. thank you. thank you. thank you.


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