still there are times when i can hardly breathe. still i am figuring out who i am now and where i go from here. still i cry big heavy sobs or small tears almost everyday. still i am just trying to do what is best for me everyday even when it gets messy or seems hard. still i am learning to put myself first.

but, still there are moments when i look at my life and my heart feels like it might burst from so much gratitude and love.

today was a sad day, so i decided i wanted to share some of both the big and small things that still make my heart a little happier...

 taylor swift seems to have written every song just for me. she really gets it.

 these pups like to lounge on the porch in the sun. they get it.

 i recently discovered the game scruples at a beach cabin and it turns out it's the best game best game ever. i feel like my life is a scruples card right now. scruples really gets it.

sometimes when everything else is going wrong you need to watch new girl in the bath. jess just gets it.

leather bows and hichews are the perfect combination. now there is a relationship that is perfectly sweet. they really get each other.

nail art is pretty and fun and sometimes glittery. it makes everyone who gets it say, "i love your nails."

one day we watched beyonce in our hot tub. no one gets it more than beyonce. no one.

 these girls come over almost every saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon to drink bellinis and talk and talk and talk. all week i look forward to seeing them because they really get it.
sometimes on a really bad day all you want is a cute boy to bring you some flowers. he gets it.

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